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We are Fame Pin

Fame Pin Established 2016 in Berlin

Pardon? We are Fame Pin. From now on you’ll find pins and badges with a statement at

Contemporary Pins for you

Modern pins still play a minor part in Germany’s fashion landscape, although they are already popular in other countries of the world. Whereas you may find a big assortment of pins, buttons and badges on flea markets or in small boutiques all over the US, you can barely find any around here. A pin’s main use case in central Europe seems to be limited to events like carnival or advertising purposes – you rather not wear those stale items on the streets. This is where Fame Pin comes into play: We give you the fashionable pins that you deserve.

What Fame Pin Stands for

We want our pins to stand for three things: Fashionable design, highest quality and a varied assortment.

Design is thinking made visual

Design can be used to expressively visualise your beliefs and thoughts. For this reason, we emphasise making clear statements when crafting our pins. We gladly collaborate with local artists that live the current Zeitgeist to create pins that can exactly express what we feel.

Highest Quality Pins

Fame Pin stands for high quality pins that last for a life time. We stress usage of premium materials and work with experienced craftsman when manufacturing our products. Furthermore we pay special importance to sustainable mining and processing of our commodities, so that neither environment nor people have to suffer due to this.

Varied Assortment of Pins

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. We want to publish a new collection of pins every month to facilitate capturing of contemporary topics and trends. Therefore we can only offer a limited amount of pins per batch – that’s the only way we can make sure our pins stay ahead of the game.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us via [email protected]!