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Emoji Pin Collection

Neue Kollektion Emoji Smiley Pins

Universal Language Emoji

Our first collection just arrived: Emojis pins!

Why did we chose to create emoji pins first? The small images are substantial part of pop culture by now and the fastest growing “language” on earth incidentally. Nowadays Everybody uses emojis to simply communicate and express oneself. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with our emoji pins – setting universally comprehensible statements although your smartphone might not be at hand at a moment.

Emoji Smiley Pins

We oriented ourselves towards our own preference and the actual usage of emojis by all users (you can track that with the help of emojitracker for example) when selecting the set of pins we wanted to produce. In the end we decided to go with five famous and expressive smileys as theme for our first pin collection:

You can buy all five emoji pins at our online shop as of now!

Emojis Pin Proposal

We hope you enjoy our first pin collection and the selection of emoji pins we chose. You can use the below form to submit a proposal for the production of any further emoji, if our smiley pins don’t fit your needs yet: